Yes, you can add Trust (Click On Click Off) 433Mhz receivers added to the SmartSwitch.

You can make 433 MHz devices available via the HomeWizard Smartswitch. The Smartswitch is a 433 MHz transmitter which can be controlled over Wi-Fi. You can operate 433Mhz switches / curtains indoors. The range of the Smartswitch is 25 meters (depending on walls and other obstacles). You can have several

Because the 433Mhz open protocol from Smartwares is similar to Trust. You can connect Trust receivers to the SmartSwitch. Use Smartwares during the pairing process to teach Trust receivers on the SmartSwitch

  • ACD-200
  • ACD-300
  • ACD-1000
  • ACD 3500
  • ACD2-200r
  • ACC-2300
  • APC3-2300R
  • AGDR-200
  • AGDR-300
  • AGDR-3500
  • APA3-1500R
  • APA2-2300R
  • AWS-3500
  • AFR-100
  • AFR-060
  • ACM-3500-3
  • ASUN-650
  • ACM-100
  • ACM-250
  • ACM-300
  • ACM-1000
  • AILD-250
  • AILS 3500
  • ACM-LV10
  • ACM-LV24
  • AMU-500
  • AWMR-210
  • AWMR-230
  • AWMD-250
  • AWMR-300
  • APCR-2300
  • ACDB-7000C
  • ACDB-6600C

The transmitters, such as remote controls or wall switches, can be used to control your devices when you are just at home and at that moment cannot or cannot control everything with your smartphone.