Google Assistant with SmartSwitch in combination with HomeWizard Lite?

The way in which the SmartSwitch and the accessory work in combination with the HomeWizard Lite app. Is insufficient for Google to also work with Google Assistant or Google Home. The requirement that Google sets is that the accessory needs two-way communication for Google Assistant to function properly. The accessory that is linked to the SmartSwitch is broadcast (433Mhz) which is one-way communication. As a result, it is therefore not possible to let the SmartSwitch work with Google Assistant with our HomeWizard Lite app.

The HomeWizard Link (our 'pro' base station) is currently working with Google Assistant because it does meet their requirement. This is because the HomeWizard Link only works with two-way communication. In other words, the pro series devices that you can see on our webshop; everything for the link